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Discover the Dr SWOT method to Identify Your Business Pitfalls and Quickly Turn Them Into a Business Opportunity!

Business ownership is hard. You have to be knowledgeable about many different things, and you need to make sure that your company has the best chance at success. Dr SWOT coaching services will help you get everything in order and keep it there! We’ll figure out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Then we’ll strategize on how best to use these resources in order for you to achieve success!

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Trusted by 100+ Companies & Overseas Entities all Around the World!


35+ years of Experience Running Businesses, Coaching CEOs & Business Owners

"There are thousands of businesses that fail every year because they didn't have the right knowledge or advice from someone who knew how to run a successful company."


Spot what’s Holding your Business Back from Achieving Success!

Not all advice is helpful. If you’re looking for a coach who will help you grow your company, it’s important to find someone with the experience to do so. You can finally stop feeling like there’s something missing in your life or business when you work with Dr SWOT. Get rid of those nagging doubts so you can focus on being successful instead! 


The Ultimate Step-by-Step Method to Achieving Business Success

Let Dr SWOT help spot your strengths and weaknesses before you can make any progress.


Identify your company Strengths and capitalize on them. Strengths of your company can be identified through careful research and should be maximized. In order to do this successfully, you need to know what is most important in the market that will make a difference for customers.


Every business has weak points. Weaknesses can be opportunities to improve. Understanding your weaknesses is the first step in finding solutions; if they’re not readily apparent then there may still be time for some brainstorming before problems arise!


Opportunities are all around. Learn to take advantage of them. Don’t let business opportunities pass you by. Become a savvy entrepreneur and take advantage of your surroundings for maximum success! You just have to know how and when! 


Hidden Threats are everywhere! Learn to identify and silence them. If you think threats are limited to masked men with guns, then your business is in for a surprise. Businesses can be bombarded by subtle — but significant — barriers that inhibit growth and success without warning!

With Dr SWOT coaching services

Gain Valuable Insights into Running Your Own Company and Making it Successful!

Help your businesses grow by identifying opportunities for improvement before they become issues down the road!

Financial Benefits of Dr SWOT Business Coaching 

Recognize Potential Opportunities for Your Company

A coaching session is a great way for business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs to get objective feedback on their strategies. Some of the benefits of having Dr SWOT hands-on help are:


Gain a Competitive edge


Increase your company's value


Become a better leader


Get more out of every hour you work


Learn about the latest trends in business


Gain new skills to take your company to the next level


Get back on track with your goals for this year


Get more done in less time, so you can finally relax

And also:


You'll have the power to make any decision, no matter how difficult or risky


You'll be able to take on any challenge with confidence


Get back to doing what you love most — running your business!


Dr SWOT coaching for business is cost-effective and can be done in the comfort of your office or via telephone!

who is dr swot?

Meet Your Business Coach!

Sometimes you need someone who is not emotionally invested in your success or failure to tell you what needs improvement, what works well, and how best to move forward. 

Dr SWOT helps businesses of all sizes by using his proven coaching process for each individual client based on their specific needs. He works with clients from all over the world including Canada, the USA, Germany, and more!

He’s not a medical doctor by any means, however, he is a well-known Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and business coach for over 35 years. Dr SWOT, better known as Larry Leger to all his Cajun proteges in Louisiana, has been making people laugh, learn, and even cry sometimes during his presentations. He is going to start up his practice to serve all businesses that are seeking help. His patients will experience the knowledge that he has shared worldwide with others. 

SWOT is not a new product or process in the business world. It started in the ’60s and ’70s. Dr SWOT is re-introducing the methodologies to fit today’s new generation of business practices. Once a business starts finding out how SWOT can help them, they will not go a day without using this simple thought process. 

Dr SWOT coaching services

Stay on Top of Your Business. Know What to Do on Each Step with Dr SWOT’s Proven Method for Business Growth!

Business ownership is a lot of work. There are so many things that you need to do and it can be hard to know where to start, or how best to spend your time. Dr SWOT coaching is the ultimate method to achieving success in all areas of your business. Get the expertise that most small business owners lack. This will allow you more time for what really matters — running your company! Schedule an appointment today!

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