What Is The SWOT Analysis Process?

Identify Your Strengths


Everyone enjoys boasting about the things they are good at. Everyone, indeed, has their own strengths. This also applies to our business. It has its own strengths that are ready to be identified and exemplified. So ask yourself: What strengths does my business have?

Identify Your Weaknesses

While you are engaged in identifying the weaknesses in your company or your own weaknesses, it will come as no surprise how tough it can be. Why? Nobody likes sharing their own weaknesses. It is like saying we were wrong or admitting defeat. Thankfully, the strengths you will identify are designed to combat these weaknesses.

Identify Your Opportunities

In order to seize what we call an Opportunity, it requires work. SWOT is your chance to make growth possible for you and your business. Unless that is, you have already identified yourself as too weak to gather up the strength to use what God gave you.

Identify Your Threats

We have all heard and said it a hundred times in our lives: “What you don’t know won’t hurt you!”  Threats can and most certainly will harm your company. It’s time to identify them and eradicate them.

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